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Welcome to the School!

There is a new year started in the School of Magic. Students from all over the world arrive here to study ancient secrets of mystic arts. But heroic deeds would be done not by human sorcery, but with the paws of furry ones… The Familiars!


The School of Magic lays in it’s own plane of reality, specially created for it by powerful magicians.


Administration of the School

  1. Christophor Barbus, Headmaster
  2. Dimitros Weidt, Major Header
    1. Oak is the familiar of Dimitros Weidt


  1. Chris Morloque, Header of dark magic studies.
    1. Bat is the familiar of Chris Morloque
  2. Victoria Aphrodita, Header of white magic studies.
    1. Feather is the familiar of Victoria Aphrodita
  3. Thuleas Salamander, Header of elemental magic studies
    1. Salamandrina is the familiar of Thuleas Salamander
  4. Janine Falleaf, Header of nature magic and animal languages studies.
    1. Stephen is the familiar of Janine Falleaf
  5. Dor Esgaldor, Header of battle magic and enchanted weapons studies.
    1. Kam is the familiar of Dor Esgaldor
  6. Siegfried von Schwazz, Header of illusion and entertaining magic studies.
    1. Gloegg is the familiar of Siegfried von Schwazz


  1. Seraphima is the chef
  2. Race is the School quartermaster
  3. Arkadius is the Blacksmith


  1. School
  2. School Yard
  3. School Garden
  4. Forest

Main Page

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